What give man the ability to stand up straight, to walk straight, even to run very fast to a long distance on his two feet without falling?

By Daniel Austin

There is a general thought in the scientific world that stipulates: “universe is a giant matrix of numbers.” If this is truth we can also say: Everything in the universe is a component of numbers (pair, impair, decimal, symmetric, Asymmetric, etc.) If we want to go further exploring this idea we can also say: “universe is mainly constituted of immeasurable of finite and infinite elements such as Atoms (protons, neutrons, electrons). Science had already concluded that universe is a black hole of energy. All things considered "Coecteris Parisbus": If everything on the universe responds to the atomic nomenclature and their constitution is based on the Atomic component. Therefore we can conclude everything in the universe (human beings, animals, objects, trees, air, water, fire, etc...) respond perfectly to the definition of a black hole.

Going back on time, especially during the periods of the great masters. History revealed that most of them used to depict and hide their secrets into their paintings and artworks to avoid "the curse of Galileo". Often they hide their discoveries to protect themselves from the feudalism and the Machiavelli system at that time. Especially when their revelations go against the taboo and the norms of  a religious believe. Any new discovery during those periods was considered as conspiracy or controversial. Therefore, to survive those master have to hide their secrets inside their artworks in the form of symbols or in old primitive languages. Such discoveries we will find them lately in the prophecies book of Nostradamus, or throughout the artworks of Nicolaus Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, etc. When writing "the Quatrains", Nostradamus used art, physics, and mathematics to hide his time table events of natural catastrophes and phenomenon's that will happen in the future. Most of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo artwork hide many secrets and revelations that are still today not yet revealed to humanity. (artworks such as "Mona Lisa", "Last Supper", "The Resurrection", "Last Judgment" of the Sistine Chapel, etc.,).

In my opinion the most important work ever created by Leonardo da Vinci was "VITRUVIAN MAN". Also known as "Man in the Circle". In this drawing, this master painter and physician used his profound knowledge of math, physics, and anatomy to study the division of Man body. This drawing was a very captivating discovery and still is today. Unfortunately, neither da Vinci on his research about "The Division of Man Body" nor the science go further to explain this concept: [what gives man the ability to stand up straight, to walk straight, and to run very fast to a long distance on his feet without falling.]. Looking everywhere to find out what was written about this concept left me empty with no result. Therefore, there is room to explore and to discover more about this subject.


Explanation of my Theory

As a child and now a grown up, the concept of the universe as well as the concept of man has always been a very fascinating mystery for me to understand. My intellectual curiosity challenged me to look further and try to resolve this puzzle. Follow up to my curiosity I went on exploring and studying more about this subject and to finish what da Vinci had already started 562 years ago.


In my research I discovered that human body is gravitates toward its own Isotropic Tetrahedron or Tetrahedral. (i) When our arms are extended horizontally with our two feet close to each other, out body takes the shape of a kite, a quadrilateral whose four sides can be regrouped into two pair of equal-length adjacent from one side to another. The center of the kite or the Tetrahedron is also the center gravity of human body (which is the lower back at the center between the line of the elbows and the umbilical). This is where its form the shape of a spider lines, where all points of the body converge toward that central point. (ii) When our body stands up straight with our arms and legs extended horizontally, our body takes the shape of a giant kite or Tetrahedron. Remark outside the Tetrahedron, measuring with a ruler a human body with the legs extended horizontally and the arms extended parallel and vertically touching the hips, the body take the shape of a perfect giant triangle. When we stand up straight in military position (Stand to Attention), the body takes the shape of a small tetrahedral. (iii) Now take a ruler and divided the giant triangle into two equal parts with the human body inside the triangle. You will see a straight line divides the human body with an equal length from the head to the spine, and into the bottom of the legs between the heels (either when close to each other or wide open). The trigger points to the left side of the body are symmetrically equal to the right side of the body. (a) When stand up straight with arms on the hips, measuring from the central point in middle of the shoulders, to the distance of the two elbows, and the distance of the two little fingers on the hips, the body is taking the shape of a perfect Pentagon. (b) When the arms are wide open and the two legs are join together, the body takes the shape of a large extended Pentagon merging with a tetrahedron. This is where human body balance and equilibrium come from. In Conclusion: After all the researches and verification on the uniqueness of human body now we can confirm with certitude: "human being is the only animal in the planet that his body gravitates toward it own isotropic tetrahedron." The pentagon shape at the center gravitation of his body make its possible for human being to stand up straight, to walk straight, even to run very fast on his two feet to a long distance without falling.


Interpressionist Master Painter Daniel Austin

Artist, Author, Philanthropist, Researcher, Founder of Interpressionism movement

© 2014, all rights reserved


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