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By Rick Schweitzer

Thanks to an introduction by, Principal Agent for Master Daniel Austin. Wife Ellen and I had the honor of meeting this not only incredibly talented artist, but magnificent presence and personality. What a genuine soul Daniel Austin is, and the minute you meet him, you understand why he is so artistically endowed.For their immediate goal, Alfreida and Daniel are looking for a venue large enough to adequately accommodate the Daniel Austin Collection (400 pieces of Artwork). Since there is such a large body of works and they are very flexible, they can do wonders with a venue.

Daniel Austin was born an artistically gifted child, who always expressed himself through his art. At the age of seven he began to draw portraits, abstracts, landscapes on anything his innocent hands could find. At a very young age, Daniel was already fascinated by the wonders of nature. His father recognized his gift and in 1984 enrolled Daniel in the Haitian National School of Art (ENHART), the youngest person to enter this prestigious school. Three months later, Daniel rebelled against the system and quit. Why? Daniel refused to copy or to recreate other’s style or the “déjà vu”. He understood that the real talent is not the one that you copy, but the one that you are born with, your inner-self expression that you create. As Daniel explains it, “his inspirations come from the source of his artistic creativity, which can only be cultivated from within. Because Daniel’s strongest desires were to not only create a new trend of expression, but also to express his art works in an innovative revolutionary movement, after years of research, his vision came to life, thus, the "Interpressionism" was born. He was now ready to share his new trend of expression with the world. What is Interpressionism? It is the art that interconnects the reality to the abstract and you do not copy. You create from within yourself.

In 1989, Daniel introduced the Interpressionism movement to the world at a festival in Petion-Ville, Haiti. Later, he took his work to Europe, to the Caribbean, and to the United States. Once immigrated to the USA, Daniel moved to Staten Island, New York, where he was able to pursue his artistic career, promoting his artworks and the Interpressionism movement. In 2004, Daniel Copyrighted volumes 1, 2, and 3 of his Interpressionism eBook, opened an Ebay art gallery, and hosted an online presence on Lycos/Tripod. During the same year, he trademarked the Interpressionism name to protect the mark.

Mastering his art: From on several occasions, Daniel has been asked why his artwork was not exhibited in museums or some well-known galleries around the world. Daniel always refrains from answering the questions. Instead he uses the opportunity to explain his philosophy: “As simple as this question appears to be, this same question was also asked of every well-known master painter; young Renoir, Monet, Rousseau, Emmanuel, Picasso and Van Gogh, before they broke the “Ice ceiling”, before their body of work was discovered and appreciated for their pure value (originality).

We can also extend the same horizon to young Matisse, Pollock, Dali, or Jean Michel Basquiat, etc... All of them went through similar struggles and experiences until one day their work was discovered and appreciated by millions. I am touched and humbled to be going through the struggle. A good example is Master Van Goth, who never sold any of his paintings while alive and died poor without any recognition. It took history fifty years after his death to understand his revolutionary technique and his uniqueness. One of his paintings “The Yellow Flower” was sold for $70 million”. Daniel states, “Before I give an interpression on my zero canvas, I always close my eyes to the “déjà vu”, waiting for an epiphany moment that takes me to the orbit of my artistic source of creativity, to my inner self creative. There, I can see myself metamorphosed and transported to this supernatural dimension, which is this imaginary universe. This is the only place I can free myself and use my brush-stroke techniques as a bridge to interconnect the reality to the abstract.” Having participated in numerous art festivals and solo exhibitions, Daniel has also showcased his art works in several art galleries overseas and throughout the US: New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island), Georgia (Atlanta, Duluth, Gwinnett,) Illinois (Chicago), Florida (Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Petersburg, Naples, Ocala, Ft Myers, West Palm Bch, Boca Raton, the Keys, Miami Dade, Broward County), Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc…

Daniel Austin is also an active member of the world communities. He likes to volunteer his time and donate his money to support humanitarian works. Daniel s Foundation, Color Expression of Hope, a Charitable Non-profit and Non-Governmental organization, is dedicated to promoting and advancing Visual Art through the teachings of his Interpressionism technique. "Times New Roman, serif" Daniel has donated his paintings for auction to raise funds for many great causes. Today, some of Daniel’s original paintings and his limited editions are part of the collection of more than 500 art collectors around the world. He has received numerous awards, certificates and guest speaking invitations from world organizations. His passion is to speak to students at Colleges and Universities about the Interpressionism movement. Daniel feels the need to educate not only the students, but the public as well, about this new trend of expression. He prefers to organize solo exhibitions to attract attention to his unique Interpressionism technique at the same time promoting his movement. I was to say that Ellen and I extremely enjoyed Daniel and his artwork, it would be a gross understatement. We both walked away with warmth and joy inside and we were so enlightened and moved by the INTERPRESSIONISM™ Movement.

I am the image of an unfolded mystery, which I take time to unveil every day on my zero canvas. I recognize in human imagination only the sky is the limit. I like to take time to observe and to understand the mysteries of our universe and the concept of mankind to the formal and informal. I like to open my conservative window to welcome critics and from that I learn to appreciate life and its beauty. I have always been against the déjà vu and the academic way of teaching art. From my rebellious actions against certain norms of the status-quo, I struggled for cognitive thinking. In the process, I discovered a new way of expressing my emotions. Today this new art form has become a new trend of expression that I call: INTERPRESSIONISM movement. ™.

My objective is to see, one day, this art movement and methodology (Interpressionism) as part of curriculums being taught in all schools and universities around the world. My responsibility is to innovate and educate my generation and future generations to come. There is need to challenge our generation to be creative and discovering self. Our mission today is to visit schools and universities to teach the Interpressionism movement and educate the public at large about this new trend of expression. Why? The Interpressionism movement is not only a legacy, it is a contribution, a gift to humanity. I believe strongly one day humanity will embrace this vibrant and fascinating idea the “Interpressionism” movement represents.”

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