The Virtual Museum of Interpressionism Art (M.O.I.), or M.O.I. Art is under construction. In the meantime read the  about our philosophy.

"The Future Belongs to Dreamers and Creators."

Thinkers and artists are visionaries. They always situated themselves as vanguards at the crossroad of all great revolutionary ideas of generational changes, that always happened every 40 to 50 years. Especially these transformative ideas that can challenge our view on certain perspective and reality, to bring innovation and progress in the world.

Thinkers, artists, philanthropists are visionaries and the gatekeepers of different eras of thinking. Any progress in human history has always started with a revolutionary idea and follow with an art movement. Because artists and thinkers can envision the future on their zero canvas (paintings, drawing, sculpture, dance, music, songs, literature, poetry, photography, architecture, philosophy, etc.) This is the reason this concept and philosophy is new and gave birth to this art movement, Interpressonism (that we will explain later). It is based on the fact that, “Each one of us (you, me) was born free with our unique gift: "Our originality". Meaning we all are artists within our own inner-self creativity.”

Our job is to re-imagine ourselves living inside a new reality. The other dimension that will give another sense of purpose and perspective to our lives what we called, “the future”. This is this dimension that I called "the invisible factors, or the other dimension of man." For progress to occur, we need to Transcend to another dimension of ourselves. Meaning, re-imagine the past, innovate the present, and create the future through a unique perspective.

Artists and thinkers have for responsibility to look for the next big thing, that will innovate and transformational to human progress. We need to keep humanity entertain, by always offering to humans a new sense of purpose and responsibility. Therefore, our unique sense of perspective on a new zero canvas is imperative and benefactor to human spices. This will also help to better ourselves psychologically, morally, and financially. Yes, change always comes with resilience. Because we all have been trapped inside the dark labyrinth of the past with the influence of the educational system received. Therefore, our conservative mindset does not adapt well with new ideas.

To get outside of this box, this will requires our brains to suppress the old adage from the routine of the “deja vu collective imitation. We need to learn how to remove ourselves from our comfort zone, to welcome new ideas and concepts that we don't know if they will even work once implemented. But we are stronger and more resilient than we think we are. From struggles come progress. We become more stronger under fire and the challenge of adversity. The “Empire State” building was built during the big financial depression of he 1940's. Which has become today "The beacon of hope and a symbol of American great ingenuity.”

The Interpressionism challenge for us today is, "Are we ready to learn how to close our eyes to the 'deja vu' collective imitation and re-event ourselves? or Are we ready to let go off the imitation influence? If so, be ready to let your mind undergo a series of exercises of re-adaptation and to welcome this new change. The Interpressionism movement will require us to take time to understand this new art concept and philosophy. Because it has becomes an acceptable fact (Fait accompli), as the new school of thought of the millennial and Gen-Z generations.

Are you ready to start the divorce process of our minds from the “Deja vu” collective imitation to welcome the Interpressionism movement? This art movement wants us to be our own masters, instead of becoming copy cats, imitators, and mirror portraits of others. Even though it sounds like stupid, unfortunately we are living inside a bubble of the 'deva vu' collective imitation. We all become copy cats, and imitators of one another. Today, I challenge each one of you with the Interpressionism Movement. I present it to you as the new trend of expression, a new breath of fresh air that will challenge this obsolete system status quo, and to free ourselves.

Yesterday we were housed in the state of Florida, today we are living in New York with the only purpose, to share this great vision of Interpressionism with the world. Like all precedents, art movements have done it in the pass and flourished. Even though we all are different, and most of us come from diverse groups, cultures, and backgrounds. But the there is one important thing that we have in common: “WE ARE ALL INTERPRESSIONISTS” .

Please say tuned, Coming Soon: "The Virtual Museum of Interpressionism Art, (M.O.I.)", or M.O.I. Art.


 Interpressionist Master, Daniel Austin

Founder of the Interpressionism movement