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OUR PHILOSOPHY "THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE DREAMERS." Thinkers and artists are visionaries. They always situated themselves as avantguards at the crossroad of all great revolutionary ideas of generational changes. Especially challenges that can transform our perception and our view to a certain reality to bring innovative progress. They are the gadflies and the gatekeepers of any new eras of thinking. Any progress in human history has always started with an art movement. Because artists and thinkers can imagine and envision the future on their zero canvas (paintings, drawing, sculpture, dance, music, songs, literature, poetry, photography, architecture, philosophy, etc.) This is the reason the concept of this new art movement (that we will explain later) is based on the fact that, “Everyone of us was born free with a unique gift: Our originality. That we all are artists within our own inner-self creativity.” Our job is to reimagine our reality to another dimension, to give another sense of perspective to what we called, “the future”. In order for progress to occur, we need to reinvent the past, innovate the present, and imagine the future from another perspective. Our job as artists and thinkers is to offer humanity a new sense of purpose that can help better ourselves as human spices. Yes, change always comes with resilience. Because our conservative mindset does not adapt too well with new ideas. This requires our brains to suppress the old routines of the “deja vu collective imitation from your comfort zone and to welcome a new concept. But we are stronger and more resilient than we think. From struggles we become stronger. The “Empire State” building was built during the big financial depression. Which has become today "The beacon of hope and a symbol of American great ingenuity.” The challenge is, are we ready to close our eyes to readapt ourselves? Are we ready to let go off the “deja vu” collective imagination? Are we ready to let our minds undergo a series of readaptation process exercises to welcome a new change? Because it will require us to take time to understand this new concept and to accept it as a “Fait accompli”(accomplished factor). Are we ready to start the divorcing process of our minds from the “Deja vu” collective imitation? The Interpressionism movement wants us instead of becoming copy cats, imitators of one another, and mirror portraits of others. It will teach us how to be ourselves, our own masters. Even though it is as beautiful as it sounds, unfortunately we like to live inside the bubble of our own comfort zone of a common reality. Today, I challenge each one of you with the Interpressionsm Movement. I present it to you as the new trend of expression, a new breath of fresh air that will challenge this obsolete system status quo to free ourselves. We came to New York to share this great vision with the world. Like all precedents, art movements have done it and flourished. Even though we all are different and come from diverse backgrounds. There is one important thing that we have in common: “WE ARE ALL INTERPRESSIONISTS” . Interpressionist Master, Daniel Austin Founder of Interpressionism movement

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